Ayurveda Health Secrets From Ancient India


What if the key to a healthier mind and body was in front of us all along?
Many people turn to modern diet fads in order to lose weight and boost their health. But one of the best and most reliable methods of achieving a healthier you is an ancient Indian tradition known as Ayurveda.
Wondering what Ayurveda is and how it can transform your life? Check out this comprehensive guide to discover all the answers!

What Is Ayurveda?



Ayurveda is more than a change in diet or exercise. Instead, it is a holistic approach to boosting your health. This includes your mind, body, and spirit.
As traditions go, Ayurveda is downright ancient. It was developed in India over 3,000 years ago, and the general concepts still help everyone maintain their health in the here and now.
Because this approach is designed to treat your whole body (hence, “holistic”), there are a variety of specialized diet and exercise methods to choose from. It’s possible for everyone to find something that suits their lifestyle and goals.

More Than a Fad



It seems like a new fad diet or health kick comes out every day. And most of these diets are more like short-term gimmicks instead of a long-term way to maintain your health.
That leaves an obvious question: if fad diets are so bad, what makes Ayurveda so good?
First, it’s more than a fad. At 3,000 years old, the concepts behind Ayurveda are older than many religious texts, including the Bible!
Second, Ayurveda is a different kind of lifestyle. Embracing it means more than changing up your diet: instead, you must embrace a new way of living.

Different Needs, Different Diets



While Ayurveda is more than a diet, healthy eating is a part of the discipline. One thing you will quickly discover is that Ayurveda diets are unlike anything you have seen before.
Ayurveda treats eating as a kind of science. A healthy body means a healthy digestive system. Therefore, healthy eating should focus on improving your digestive health.
Certain kinds of food are good for all practitioners of Ayurveda. This includes fruits and veggies that help to clean out your body. And you should avoid things like sodas and alcohol in favor of water.
Other dietary considerations vary from person to person. For example, you can create Ayurveda tea, but the exact ingredients will be different for each person due to unique digestive requirements. And you may add different spices to achieve different effects, such as adding nutmeg to a dish to help you get to sleep later that night.

Benefits of Ayurveda



Let’s say you’re interested in Ayurveda. It all comes down to this: what, exactly, are the benefits?
First of all, you get to understand your mind and body. Ayurveda breaks people down into three different doshas or energies that rule their body: Vata (“space and air”), pitta (“fire and water”), and Kapha (“water and earth”). Studying Ayurveda can help you discover surprising traits about yourself and how to nurture them.
Secondly, you’re likely to lose weight. Ayurveda helps you improve your digestion and overall diet, helping you shed those unwanted pounds.
Finally, Ayurveda can make you happier. By reducing your stress and improving your physical health, it’s almost impossible for you to not love this whole new you.