8 Signs Your Pet Is Spoiled


We love our pets. For just a little time, attention, and perhaps a few walks around the neighborhood, we get unconditional love and devotion.
However, some pet owners go a little overboard for their pets.
To show their love and affection, they indulge their pets to the point where they’re completely spoiled and ruling the roost.
Do you think you have a spoiled canine on your hands? Here are eight signs to look for.

He Goes to the Salon More Than You Do



Being a responsible pet owner means keeping your dog clipped, groomed, and looking and feeling his best. However, if your dog is getting more attention at the groomer than you get at your own salon or barber, you may have an issue.
Your pet probably doesn’t care if he’s got the latest en vogue cut or his nails painted, but pet owners who tend to spoil their companions feel they’re not doing right by their pooch if they don’t pamper them.

He Doesn’t Listen



Those who want to have a harmonious relationship with their pooches know that training is key.
When your pet is trained well when he’s a puppy, he recognizes his name and responds to simple commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “fetch.”
He’ll also obey when you train him not to get on the furniture or give visitors a good sniff when they walk in the door. If your dog doesn’t obey commands (all hor even look up when you cis name), it’s likely he’s ignoring you because he knows he can.
A spoiled dog is often one that knows that bad behavior never results in negative consequences.

A Good Portion of Your Paycheck Is Spent on Him



Your dog needs good food, adequate shelter, and plenty of love and attention from you. However, he probably doesn’t need doggie ice cream, weekly trips to the groomer, beds in every room of the house, and every dog toy ever made.
If you find yourself working overtime just to pay for all the “extras” you think your pooch must-have, you’ve probably got a spoiled mutt on your hands.

He’s Obese



We know, it’s tough to ignore those sad eyes on a pup who wants to convince you he’s always starving. However, if you indulge him in too much food, too many treats or too much of your own meal slipped under the table, you’re likely to have an overweight canine.
Though it’s a sign of being spoiled, it’s also a sign of being unhealthy.
Obese dogs are more likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease, and arthritis, so you’re not doing your best friend any favors by over-feeding him.
If you want your companion to have a long and healthy life, you need to limit his food and help him maintain a healthy weight.