7 Foods We Won’t Be Eating 100 Years From Now


Change is coming whether we want it to or not, whether we believe in global warming or not. Right now we live in a food paradise, but our great-grandchildren will be having an entirely different dining experience than we do. Here are seven of our favorite things they probably won’t be eating.

Yes, we will have no bananas



Bananas sold in the early 20th century were a whole different breed than the kind we have now, and the same thing that wiped out the earlier species is wiping out the current type: a very specifically targeted tree disease. Already scientists are developing a strain of disease-resistant bananas to replace the current version, which will work… until the disease adapts and kills the new version like it did last time. So, they might have bananas, but not the way we know bananas. Which is totally bananas.

Say cheese



The reason we won’t have most types of cheese is that we won’t have dairy, because we won’t have cattle. Cattle take up the most room, which requires the most deforestation for grazing. It won’t be because cattle are extinct that we won’t be doing daily, it will be because it will be untenable to keep so many cows around, which will reduce the amount of milk available… and make regular cheese a luxury item.

Fallen arches



Hamburgers will be a thing of the past, too, and fast food more specifically, mostly for the reason above, but not entirely. Oh, I’m sure there will be some kind of meat sandwiched between buns that will be called “burger” but it will not be made of cow. Okay, it might be made of cow but not a real cow. In order to sustain demand without having more cows, or even as many cows, future food will be made from synthetically grown meat. Don’t laugh; they’re already succeeding in cloning and growing meat in the lab. So, no authentic burger, and, combined with the above, no cheeseburgers either.

Bar’s closed



Okay, so we’re already depressed about lovely meat and cheese and bananas – but not all at once — so future people will just have to drown their sorrows in booze, right? Nope, that will probably be gone, too. Alcohol as we know it will probably be phased out in favor of synthetic alcohol, or synthetic, which will create a pleasant buzz but not leave you with the actual drunkenness followed by a hangover. Because alcohol is made of grain (and other things) that are fermented, and grain may become harder to grow in rising temperatures and smaller arable areas.