20 Best Motivational Podcasts of 2019


If you’re lacking in the motivation department (as many of us are!), and need a serious boost of inspiration, why not try listening to a podcast? These podcasts cover a range of topics from health and happiness, to productivity, forming new habits, and financial success. To get a better idea of why these are considered the best motivational podcasts out there, grab a set of headphones or turn up the volume in your car, and get ready to conquer the day.

For Your Personal Growth



It comes as no surprise that the topic of personal growth tops the list of best motivational podcasts. Striving to become your best self takes time, practice, perseverance, and a whole lot of patience. And what better way to gain inspiration, then to tune in to one of these podcasts.

The Science of Success



Science meets psychology in this weekly podcast hosted by Matt Bodnar. Guests on The Science of Success range from neuropsychologists and entrepreneurs to FBI hostage negotiators and mindfulness gurus. The goal of the show is to get you thinking about your potential for success and learn ways to become a better version of yourself.

The School of Greatness



Whether you’re in a growth slump or just need an extra boost of confidence and inspiration to scale-up your life, Lewis Howes, host of The School of Greatness, will give you everything you need, and then some. Through his own experiences and interviews with influential people, Howes shares stories about facing loss, dreaming big, becoming a champion, attracting wealth, and setting yourself up for success, with the hope of helping you find your sense of purpose.

For Your Health



Fill your morning commute with tidbits of inspiration, information, and motivation about how to take better care of your health with these podcasts. Get answers to some of your most burning questions all in the time it takes you to get from home to the office.

TED Talks Health



If you have questions about your health, TED Talks Health has answers. Each episode is packed full of information from doctors and researchers on a truly wide range of topics. Whether you’re curious about sleep, medication, vaping, or bad breath, this podcast has something for everyone.