13 Dogs That Are Good With Cats


Though pop culture has socialized us to think that cats and dogs are mortal enemies, many of them actually get along well and can become close friends. But some dog breeds are better with cats than others. For example, the American Kennel Club notes that dogs in the toy and sporting groups are often known for being sociable, affectionate, and friendly, while dogs in the terrier group, which were bred to hunt, might mistake a cat for prey.

Even if you have or choose to get a dog in one of the “cat-friendly” groups, it’s important to keep in mind that the cat-dog compatibility often depends a lot on the individual personalities of the dog and cat. Pet owners can help set their animals up to be best friends by properly introducing them, and making sure the cat always has an escape route from the room, according to the AKC.

With the right socialization and training — and some patience — a cat and dog might grow to love each other just as much as they love you. Here are 13 breeds of dogs that are good with cats.




Golden Retrievers are people pleasers at heart, and if having a cat in the family will make you happy, odds are it will make them happy too. Rover notes that they will need some training early on so they know not to chase the cat, but otherwise, they’ll likely be very excited to have a new best friend.




The American Kennel Club describes Basset Hounds as “low-key,” and it’s this relaxed personality that makes them great cat companions. They might not be as excited about it as the Golden Retriever, nor will they be as easy to train, but they won’t throw a fit over their new feline family member.




Beagles were bred to hunt in packs, so they don’t mind being around other animals, according to the AKC. You might want to be careful about bringing a cat around two or more beagles, though, because then they’re more likely to develop a “pack mentality” and might be more prone to chasing the cat, according to BeaglePro.


Pugs have a friendly personality and usually like being around other animals, according to Rover. They also love attention, and would likely find a cat friend comforting while their humans are away.


King Charles Spaniels love being around other animals, according to the AKC. They’re also known for their fearless personalities, so they won’t let a cat push them around just because they’re on the smaller side.


Labradors are gentle giants. They’re known for being great with kids because they’re incredibly patient and tolerant — two characteristics that also make them good with cats, according to SitStay.


The Maltese are a very sociable dog who will likely be happy to have a cat companion. Rover recommends keeping an eye on them when they’re still getting to know each other, just to make sure the cat doesn’t take advantage of the friendly Maltese.